Plastic Recycling Symbols
Codes, Product Aplications and Uses after Recycling
 Plastic #
 Product Applications  Uses Once recycled
(polyethylene terephthalate)

 Plastic bottles for soft drinks, water, juice, sports drinks, beer, mouthwash, catsup and salad dressing.
Food jars for peanut butter, jelly, and pickles.
Microwaveable food trays.
Textiles, monofilament, carpeting.
Polar fleece, fiber, tote bags, furniture, carpet, paneling, straps, (occasionally) new containers, fiber for carpets.
Recycling: Picked up through most curbside recycling programs.
(high density polyethylene)

Bottles for milk, water, juice, cosmetics,shampoo, detrergent, and household cleaners. 
Bags for groceries and retail purchases.
Recycling bins, laundry detergent bottles, oil bottles, pens, recycling containers, floor tile, drainage pipe, lumber, buckets, benches, doghouses, picnic tables, fencing
Recycling: Picked up through most curbside recycling programs, although some allow only those containers with necks.
PVC or V
(Polyvinyl chloride)
 Rigid packaging including blister packs and clamshells.
Flexible packaging including shrink wrap, bags for medical and bedding.
Pipe, siding, window frames, carpet backing, flooring
 Pipe, decking, fencing, paneling, packaging film and sheet,garden hose.
Recycling: Rarely recycled; accepted by some plastic lumber makers
(low density polyethylene)
Wire and cable coverings, squeezable bottles, bread, frozen food, dry cleaning and shopping bags, tote bag, clothing, furniture, carpet
 Shipping envelopes, garbagecan liners, floor tile, landscape timber, outdoor lumber
Recycling: LDPE is not often recycled through curbside programs, but some communities will accept it. Plastic shopping bags can be returned to many stores for recycling.
Containers for yogurt, margerine, takeout meals and deli foods. Fibers, appliances, appliances and consumer products.
Tote bags, battery cases, signal lights, brooms, ice scrapers, bicycle racks, garden rakes, storage bins
Recycling: Number 5 plastics can be recycled through some curbside programs
PS (polystyrene)
Food service items such as cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and takeout food containers.
Foam packaging, building insulation, cassete cartriges, coat hangers and toys
 Thermal insulation, light switch plates, license plate frames, plastic mouldings, Expandable polystyrene foam
Recycling: Number 6 plastics can be recycled through some curbside programs.
Other plastics, including acrylic,
acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, fiberglass, nylon, polycarbonate,
and polylactic acid.
 Three and five gallon water reusable water bottles, Oven baking bags, custom packaging  Bottles and plastic lumber applications
Recycling: Number 7 plastics have traditionally not been recycled, though some curbside programs now take them.
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